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Canadian digital soil mapping working group

About this site

This site describes a vision for a collaborative and open association of soil scientists, data specialists, modelers, information specialists, and others involved actively in the Canadian digital soil mapping community. This site is intended to be used as a platform for communication and collaboration.

If you need any help to learn how to contribute to this site, please consult wiki help .


The CDSM-WG is an open-source initiative which promotes interaction between users, developers, and community participants around Digital Soil Mapping. The CDSM-WG has an official structure and you are invited to join and contribute.

The creation of Canadian Digital Soil Mapping Group (CDSM-WG) originated from a workshop hosted by Natural Resources Canada in Quebec City in March 2016.

welcome to CDSM

If you are interested in receiving email updates CDSM-WG, we invite you to join the CDSM-WG google + community. Google + community is use to exchange and share announcement, data request or information related to the DSM community Google+.

If you want to contribute to the scientific and technical content in DSM, we invite you to join our Forum, contribute to our wiki or look at the Roadmap to provide script and tools on our repository. Before contributing, please consult our acceptable usage policy.


  • The Platform and tools used for communication and collaboration are now available.
  • Repository for script and tools will be available on bitbucket.
  • Collaborative perspective of the scientific and technical subgroup writing session.