Official structure

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The activity of the CDSM-WG are organized around a coordination team and five working groups.

Coordination team [edit]

A team has been formed to coordinate the activities of the CDSM-WG. The role of the Coordination Team is to develop common aims of the CDSM-WG, clarify specific issues and develop strategies to achieve the short-terms goals of the CDSM-WG.

  • 1) Production of global soil map products at a resolution of 100m for Canada;
  • 2) Consolidation of a national pedon geodatabase;
  • 3) Development/dissemination of open source tools for digital soil mapping and covariate datasets;
  • 4) Organize training activities;
  • 5) Define an information exchange format for pedological data.

Scientific and technical group[edit]

A scientific and technical group (STG) have been formed to support the scientific and technical activities of the CDSM-WG. You can know more about Scientific and technical group activities

Governance group[edit]

Communication group[edit]

Fund raising group[edit]