From cdsm-wg

This page could create confusion because it appears to show a different organization structure than the main page and 'official structure.

I think this page should either (1) have the exact same organizational structure as the 'official structure', or (2) delete references to the various working groups and merely use this roadmap page to display an interconnected listing of the (scientific and technical) activities we are following to achieve the overall goals, possibly this roadmap would be illustrated by our overall broad diagram once it is finished and agreed..

Maybe each working group at some point will have their own 'roadmap' or equivalent, but at this stage it seems most important to nail down and display the scientific and technical roadmap.

Therefore, I propose that scientific and technical activities should always appear under one single heading.

the items here listed under separate headings 'scientific' and 'technical', should be combined and the included in a single list for the stg..

If (2) above is a preferred approach for this page, then start fresh with a listing of what the road map is to become.

Something like this. 1. develop an overall plan for dsm coordination with the goal to create map products for Canada 2. initiate projects to carry out dsm in canada at a range of scales and extents 3. merge the results of the projects described in (2) into improved map products for Canada.